Giovanni Malandrino

Freelance Professional Photographer


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Photography in the urban environment in which I specialize does not provide a fixed location, but rather a starting point. Basic work in Milan and Novara, but for my work, travel is normal practice.

For my shootings the location is always chosen by mutual agreement, aiming at the best possible, according to the customer's requests.


Dance is the creation of a sculpture that is visible only for a moment (cit. Erol Ozan)

If I had to choose a sentence to represent my photos, I would have no doubts starting with this quote. It is a starting point because once created the perfect moment and pose, photography can make it eternal making it live every time we observe it.

On the site I share my personal way of creating art, which I hope will arouse in those who observe most of the emotions I feel every time I take a single photograph.


Author of the book "Ballerina around Italy" 

A collection of my street dance photos in the various Italian cities that I visited during my shootings. The book is for sale in bookstores and on Amazon at this link:



Author of the "Italia in danza" rubric,

in the "Italy in the world" Magazine (www.romecentral.com), in which, through dance, we propose to give visibility to the beautiful Italian cities, even the least known.

My photos have been chosen by RomeCentral for this purpose, it is the first international Magazine dedicated to the Great Beauty of Italy and within the magazine I take care of my column dedicated to dance in the urban environment, through my photographs.
Rome Central has a wide-ranging editorial line that combines art, photography, fashion, design, cinema, music, theater, literature, health and wellness and much more.

Here are the references if you want to learn more:

Stargarder Str. 60, 10437 Berlin, Germany


Rome Central Magazine Spain
C/Consell de Cent 180
08015 Barcelona – Spain


My photos are often chosen by international brands and municipal authorities for publications in their official social profiles (Instagram, Facebook, ecc. ), below are some examples.